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Our Mission: Not all writers are good at book promotion—especially not book promotion for themselves. I, Jessica Hatch, am not immune to this. I feel your pain and performance anxiety, which is why I’m launching Comp Title Book Club (CTBC) in summer 2023.

While CTBC will promote your latest release or a title from your backlist, both in marketing materials and questions for our live book club interview, allow us to take the Imposter Syndrome pressure off you. We do this primarily by discussing a key and favorite “comp” title you used when you were pitching your own book. If your horror novel is “Catriona Ward meets A24,” what made you choose those comps? If your essay collection has Cost of Living vibes, what do you love about Emily Maloney’s style? A lot of readers are also aspiring authors, so we won’t be afraid to get crafty!

How It Works: CTBC has two key features: an evergreen, digital book club with content regularly posted on Substack, Instagram, and a private Facebook Group; and a once-monthly live interview between host Jessica Hatch and a guest writer, which will be recorded and published on YouTube and across podcast platforms a few days after the interview originally airs.

A few days after that, the following month’s book club pick and featured guest will be announced via Substack and social media. Followers will be encouraged to register for the live interview and to purchase not only the book club pick but the featured guest author’s back list via Bookshop and Amazon. Pending the author and their publisher’s permission, supportive content may be posted on Substack and social media throughout the month leading up to the interview, including close-reading analysis of passages from the featured author’s latest book and guest blog posts from the featured author.

Key Performance Metrics: CTBC is just starting out, with impressive stats to come, but it’s a fantastic, low-pressure way to promote yourself and your book:

  • Be interviewed by an internationally published novelist.

  • Get in front of a cumulative (and growing!) audience of 2,300+ avid readers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Substack.

Convinced Yet? Contact Jessica to Submit Your Book for Consideration.

CTBC will only feature writers whose own work has had an impact on our host and production team, so feature spots are by invitation and application only. Email jessica@hatch-books.com to get the ball rolling.

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Comp Title Book Club (#CTBC) is a monthly book club for readers who are also writers. Each month, a featured guest author will hop on with host Jessica Hatch to discuss in depth a book they used as a comparative title on their own querying journey.


Jessica Hatch

Jessica Hatch is the author of quirky, heartfelt romantic comedies and upmarket women's fiction. She is also the host of Comp Title Book Club, a monthly virtual interview series. Learn more at JessicaHatch.com or at ctbc.substack.com.